Attagene Inc. is a contract research organization that offers unique screening services for the evaluation of biological activities and prediction of potential toxicities of pharmaceuticals, agricultural and industrial chemicals, cosmetics, and nanomaterials.

Using its proprietary pathway profiling platform, the FACTORIAL™, Attagene has developed a suit of bioassays that assess the impact of a compound on activities of over 90 gene regulatory pathways and all 48 human nuclear receptors.

The FACTORIAL™ assays proved their utility for the evaluation of bioactivities of very different compounds, including chemicals, biologicals, nanomaterials, and complex mixtures. The FACTORIAL™ assays are available in many cell types and systems, from human and animal cell lines to primary cells to entire organs of live animals.

Founded in 2001, Attagene has established a leadership position in development of pathway profiling technologies for drug development, toxicology and biomedicine.

Attagene is an employee-owned company located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.